A New Year ~ A New Pair of Mitts


Happy New Year!   Here’s a sure fire cure for the winter blues.

After making my gauntlets last January, I had promised myself to make a shorter pair as well and here they are.  These rather plain Jane’s are made with 3.5 oz deer hide, fully beaver fur lined (re-claimed) and my favorite part, Alaskan fur seal cuffs (also re-claimed).

These are very light compared to the gauntlets and a real treat to wear driving or in and around town.  The beaver fur liner does the job nicely, so far tested to -36 c (that’s -32 f) and my digits stayed nice and toasty.

The pattern is the same one I used for the gauntlets with only a change to the cuff.

It’s going to be hard coming up with something to top these next year.